Spirit Therapist

Soul Work

We pray for the equanimity to accept those things we cannot change, the courage to change what we can, and the wisdom to know the difference. –Twelve Step Pray


Some of the practices we engage in:

• Sharing in group and in triads and dyads.

• Stillness and Mindfulness: learning to be with ourselves in the    moment, being intimate with ourselves and     our Higher Self.

• Self Acceptance & Forgiveness of Self and Others.

• Inquiring into our unconsciously held attitudes, values, habits of mind, emotions, and behavior, including sub-personality work.

• Critiquing of cultural and media norms.

• Surrender: letting go of what hinders us.

• Prayer: connecting to that which is greater than the False Self.

• Reading from the world’s wisdom literature: The Bible, Talmud, Koran, Tao Te Ching, Almaas’s writings, and Buddhist teachers.


OUR GROUP LEADER is Robert Cornell, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

• A former Zen Buddhist monk, Robert has decades of experience

leading small groups on the themes of psychological and spiritual

healing and growth and vocational issues.

• He has thirty years of experience running his own award winning

landscape design firm (see www.robertcornell.com.)

• He has recently finished writing his first book, Fifty Ways of

Letting Go on psychological and spiritual growth.


REGISTRATION – Contact Robert at 626-398-5581 or by email at robertbcornellspirit@gmail.com

FEE – $75 per month.

MEETING SCHEDULE – Group meets twice monthly; every other Saturday afternoon from 2:30pm-5:30pm.

LOCATION – Westminster Center, 867 E. Atchison Street, Pasadena, CA 91104.

(Westminster Center is a community counseling center, located right next door to the Westminster

Presbyterian Church on North Lake Ave., just south of New York Drive. A map and directions are

available at www.WestminsterCenter.org.)